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Some Music I Love By People Who Rule

Here’s some tunes I have been digging lately:

Wistful by James Fox Higgins

(who may or may not be my cousin … ok he totally is, but his skills are the biz)

The One That Got Away by Al Parkinson

– have played a gig or two with this young lass, and you know, she’s slightly talented ;-P

Lily & King (song title?)

– saw these guys at Oscar’s Ale House in Belgrave the other night. I was very drunk, but regardless, they were awesome. Playing at the Reverberation Festival (me too).

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds … in case anybody (unlikely) is wondering, I am looking at videos tonight to help me come up with ideas for a video for the Cigarette Song.

I like this one. I like the gentle weirdness of it all. And I seem to find myself increasingly drawn to the idea of dressing up in stupid costumes. Maybe that’s going to be my version of a mid-life crisis. After all, I’ve only recently stopped chasing girls and partying on all night every night so it would be kind of premature to go back to that kind of behaviour as my way of rebelling against mortality. So, silly costumes it may well be. My 4.5 yr old daughter is very keen on me dying my hair and beard bright green, as am I.

Anyway, enjoy the falsetto, not jealous at all….

Beads in Space

Click the images for larger versions.

For those of you who live in Melbourne don’t forget I have a gig this Friday night at Seraphim (upstairs bar, over the cafe), 123 Smith St, Seraphim. It’s as part of the way cool Songwriters in the Round brought to you by Melting Pot.

It’s about the 10th one of these I have done and the final in this great venue – so come on down – I am on at about 9pm for around one and a half hours. I will be sharing the stage with John Fleming (ex-Scared Weird Little Guys) and Carly Rae.

Creatures from the Bog (Have Needs Too)

A new recording and youtube video by Seamus Anthony (err, as in, me)

I wrote “Creatures from the Bog” while driving in the country one day. My car radio wasn’t working so I just jammed the song up sans-axe, and then grabbed a guitar later and the chords were just there a-waitin’.

This actual version was recorded when I was visiting my birth town of Adelaide, Australia (I live in Melbourne). I popped in to catch up with my mate Barry “Spindickle” Cree at Nigel Koop’s flat. Nigel and Spinner are both really well known musicians in rAdelaide and before (Read more…)

New band – Zuiiza

Yes that’s right – the new band is called Zuiiza – an odd name for a bunch of odd fellows.

Zuiiza is a totally obscure Japanese Zen word I found which means to be off duty (literally: to sit as one pleases) except we decided to pronounce it differently than you are supposed to. It’s apparently really pronounced “zoo-ee-zah” but we say it “Zoo-zah” and we keep making up various fictitious definitions for it, so in short, it’s pretty much a made up word 😉

Click here to check out Zuiiza and have a listen to some work-in-progress music.

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