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Monkey Mind

Song by Seamus Anthony, produced by James Fox Higgins. Video directed and produced by James Fox Higgins. Release date: 29th August, 2013

UPDATE: October 3 2013 – I have just released the Beta Version of my new book “Taming The Monkey Mind” which is a companion to the song and free to download for a short period of time because I want feedback. I’m going to improve it over time and do updates and then eventually release it on Kindle etc maybe even print (gasp!). Go download it free while it still is!

Download “Monkey Mind” audio

OK so … here’s the video starring yours truly as Madame Mustache, James Fox Higgins as her hapless fortune telling client and Rose as Gypsy Rose, Madame Mustache’s faithful apprentice.

For now the song is only available for download via Bandcamp, for $1 or more if you’d like to help support the artists involved. It will soon be available in a bunch of other formats and outlets, including heading up a 12 track CD which is a “best of” the last few years worth of work.

Get back to you with more soon but for now – enjoy the video and buy the song!