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Fox Magic & the 7 Rules of Quantum Cookery

By Seamus Anthony

fox magician tarot cardYesterday, walking down our driveway, I came face to face to with a fox!

The fuzzy-tailed fellow paused for but a moment, shocked at my sudden appearance, before bolting across the road and through the garden of my neighbour. Thankfully there was no car coming, and he got away clean.

I got a good look at him, although not for long. I’d have liked to assure him I meant no harm so I could have checked him out for a minute and taken a photo for my daughter who would have been thrilled, but I guess it’s not in a fox’s nature to dilly-dally when it sees “a farmer”!

Unusual to see a fox in broad daylight; I had to wonder why he was up and about (I say “he” because he looked pretty big for a fox).

Partially inclined as I am to the woo-woo, I of course later looked up some keywords like “fox energy” and “fox power animal” to see what an appearance from one of our foxy brothers might be interpreted as.

After some research I decided that Fox’s message to me on this day was about focussing your power in specific directions in order to make your desires manifest on the material plane. Think of Mr Fox, hunting to feed his family, his body in a straight line as runs, focussing only on his work.

In non-woo-woo talk this simply means focussing your mind and activities on “making it happen”.

And Now … A Quantum Cookery Class!

Although this is a simple concept, I am always fascinated and slightly amused at the roundabout way that woo-woo writers go about discussing this. The best way to paraphrase their usual lines, with which, despite the leap of faith required, I concur, is that we exist in a Great Sea of Potential – a Quantum Pantry – and by focussing our minds on what we want to make out of the ingredients in the Quantum Pantry we can garner the support of God (Universe, Great Spirit, what have you) who will move what we need in our direction if we but follow the simple rules of Quantum Cookery.

These 7 rules are:

1 – Clear Conscience

You must give up feelings of guilt associated with wanting or receiving wealth. You should truly accept that God desires that we all enjoy the abundance of Nature, so long as we do it in a respectful way and with good intentions. In order to enjoy abundance with a clear conscience you must create wealth for yourself and your family on the Creative Plane not on the Competitive Plane, as the former creates more wealth for everybody and furthers the positive evolution of life on earth, while the latter is a zero-sum game mentality that seeks to gain by taking wealth from others without giving back in equal or preferably greater measure.

2 – Good Intentions

If we desire to subtract from others in order to gain ourselves then, while we clearly may achieve that in a material sense in this lifetime, it is well agreed that it is unlikely to provide true happiness in this lifetime and potentially will result in horrible material karma either in this lifetime or, one hopes when one thinks of so-called people like Pol Pot or Stalin, terrible karma in the next.

3 – Gratefulness

If we cannot be grateful for the blessings we already have, then it is doubtful that God is going to feel obliged to send more your way. Gratefulness puts one in direct alignment with the energy of God; it removes barriers to direct communion with Great Spirit. And it is only through direct connection with God that we can call on Universal Power, the source of true success.

4 – Clarity

You must be very specific about what you want for if you do not clearly know, how is God supposed to know what you want in order to give it to you? So make a specific plan.

5 – Action

Non-woo-woo people would of course point this out as being the main or only method by which gain is acquired, however even if you disagree with this, one thing is for sure, you don’t get what you want by visualising it and then sitting back in your comfy chair waiting for your ship to come in. Doesn’t work like that.

6 – Giving

In order to receive you must also give, they are like breathing in and out. If you do not provide value to others, you will not receive value in return. And it is probably in your interest to give without direct expectation of return, although this sounds counter-intuitive, even non-woo-woo types can see that a good reputation as a kind and giving person is optimal in furthering your own success.

7 – Focus

You must direct your energy like a magnifying glass directs the energy of the sun, focus it in one spot so that you can have effect. Too many fronts and you dilute your armies and lose the war. An important part of focus is persistence, which requires maintaining focus over long periods of time.

Fox Magic has many flavours, but for me on this day it is to focus on what you want without allowing distraction to dilute your energies; it is to make manifest your desires by realising the truth about power and how it can be properly implemented, that is by honing your energy in on the one spot like a laser beam in order to more efficiently cut through what separates you from your desires. (See also the Magician card in the Tarot.)


The Ultimate Currency

By Seamus Anthony

Yes, it’s a cliche, but regardless, it is very important to realise that Life is all a game: if you play by the rules and play well, you score points and win prizes.

The other day I was emailing my partner to tell her I had deposited some money into our shared account. Being a freelancer the money income is irregular, and some weeks are better than others. As I sent the email this week I felt a little flush of triumph because it had been a good week and I’d paid us more than usual. Inwardly at least, I punched the air and did a little victory dance.

Then, suddenly I got a very strong “outsiders impression” (think “alien who has never been to earth or seen our way of life before”) as to how odd this whole money palaver is. Basically it is like a game in that we just need to score points to win prizes (things we can buy). If I don’t win enough points we can’t buy food. If we win enough points we can eat like Kings. If we really win enough points we can buy more than we can ever use, or *gasp* help other people who do not have enough points to get “ahead of the game”, as the saying goes.

Basically, and not surprisingly for a sports-crazy race, we have turned the stuff of life, surviving and thriving, into a game with a points scoring system (money), prizes (house, car, early retirement)and rules. Break the rules and you will probably lose points, or privileges (freedom). Really break the rules and you may suffer the penalties of ill health or even death (so game-winners go to the gym, eat their greens and don’t murder their spouse even when they are sorely tempted to do so).

But how do you score points? You create “value” or “wealth” for other people and convince them to trade some of their points in exchange for what you have created. Value or Wealth can be defined in this case as something (a physical good, information or service) that the other person either needs or wants or both. If they need it, it has value to them; if they want it, same.

Creating things of value to trade always takes some time. If you can figure out how to trade your time (whether it’s your own time or other people’s time that you purchased from them) for a greater amount of money, then you stand to win. The ultimate winner in the game of life gets to use all of the time he has left in whatsoever manner as he chooses, whether productive (in earning points) or not, because he has enough points to easily provide all the value he personally needs for the rest of his life, therefore has no genuine need to trade his own time at all.

Interesting how time then is the ultimate currency – why? Because on an individual basis (i.e. per individual human) time is finite. It is scarce.

Invent an Elixir of Immortality and the very fabric of society would unravel completely. It would change the Game entirely.