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Writing for the sake of it

Sometimes I just like to put my fingers to the keyboard and just start tapping out words, in fact that’s what I am doing now. The interesting thing is that although I have started this with absolutely no idea what it is I am going to write, I can be sure that if I write, I will write something.

Of course whether that something is any good is entirely dependable. For example, if a good idea doesn’t come to me soon, I’m bound to get bored, wander off , make a cup of tea, or (heaven forbid) actually start work for the day. So are you for that matter.

On the other hand should some fantastic idea come sliding out of my fingers and all over the screen, then we are in business.

Doesn’t seem to be happening…

But then “what you focus on expands in your life*”, right?

Let’s try focusing on a brilliant idea. Then maybe I’ll get one.

MMMMOOOOOmmm…. brilliant iiiidea brilliant ideaaaaa, ommmmm, brilliant ideaaa, brilliant ideaaa,

MMMmMMMM COME ON Brilliant ideaaaa, I dont have all day for Pete’s sake, MMMMOOOOmmmm brilliaaaant ideaaa, MY BOSS IS GOING TO BE HERE ANY MINUTE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Brilliant brilliant idea OOOOmmmmm Brillia-

Ah stuff it. Enjoy your day. I’m going surfing … CBD style …

*Wayne Dyer, I believe. BTW, I have been reading his new book “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”, which, although suffering from a terrible (boring) title and a freakin’ cheesy-as-cheddar cover, is actually a really good (not quite excellent, but hey, better than you and I will probably ever write) modern interpretation/analysis of the Tao Te Ching. Recommended for those who find the old Classic of the Way and it’s Virtue a bit impenetrable.

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