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Why Musicians Are All Bastards

There’s a simple reason, at least before a gig, because we get nervous! Yesterday we had a small dinner party and, now that I don’t drink, it was very hard for me to be relaxed because I knew I was “on at 9”. Hey, might not be at the Madison Square Gardens but nevertheless, I knew there would be a fair few heads there and I could feel my stomach in knots all day. Didn’t make for scintillating dinner company as a consequence, I’m afraid.

Gig (Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, Victoria) went well enough, it’s been 5 months tea-totalling and I am still not entirely used to performing without a little shot of courage before & during, but I am, at the least, seasoned, so I am pretty good at putting my own personal frame of mind out of the picture and focussing on providing value to the audience. Sold some music, chatted to the venue owners, worked on my mate Jeff the booker for a support gig I want, and watched my mate get totally mashed and then even drove him home. Aren’t I nice?

seamus sooki lounge belgrave

Me yelling at my drunk mate to hurry up and take the photo already

The main act Naked Bodies were so great I bought their CD, really fine & cool. Very entertaining drummer. I like.

Even with the CD purchase, still came home with all of my pay in my pocket and here I am, fully functional before 10am Sunday morning. Life is good.

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