Cooking noob smashes out delicious lamb stir fry without major incident or recipe

The other night I cooked a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala which was amazingly good, but unfortunately I knocked half a cup of canned coconut cream all over my left suede shoe, which was not great for the shoe nor my stress levels, although the kids found it highly amusing.

Thankfully, this lamb stir fry I cooked last night was created without major incident and no damage to any footwear that I am aware of.

lamb stir fry

Now, for your information, the onions pictured on the side are because I’m on the low FODMAP diet right now so I mixed them in for the rest of the gang afterwards, — not ideal, but needs must.

Used garlic infused oil instead of fresh garlic, again because of the FODMAP thing, which turned out great, although I had to splash a lot on to the plate afterwards to really get the flavour. Ideally, I would cook in fresh onion and garlic in the usual manner, being careful not to burn the garlic.

The meat was delicious, two backstraps that the butcher sliced for me, warmed to room temperature and cooked fast on the wok before being set aside while I cooked the rest. Actually I started with all the meat in the wok at once but that lowered the temperature too much so I quickly whipped it all into a bowl and seared them fast in smaller batches. I’ll know next time. Pan searing it on moderate-high is supposed to stop it going tough. And it wasn’t tough at all, so that was a win despite my fumbling about.

seamus cooking
Next time I will take the meat out of the plastic bag before snapping the selfie, lol, not very aesthetic!

Better Half recommended next time to season and then quickly grill the backstraps on high heat before slicing, might give that a go. But having said that, I was pretty happy with the butcher doing some of the prep work for me! I must recommend Greg’s Tender Joint in Belgrave South in the Dandenong Ranges here where we live, always passionate about his product, and helpful with a hot cooking tip and great service.

The veggies I used were carrots, broccoli, kale, and green beans. Mainly because that’s what was in the fridge. I was going to add peas but I thought it was enough already so I put them back in the freezer. Fried the veges up after removing the meat. Then added the steamed rice that I had cooked earlier and allowed to cool. Apparently this makes the rice grains hold together or something but having said that I have made plenty of fried rice meals recently using hot rice straight from the saucepan into the frying pan without any issue, so, I dunno, the distinction is a bit lost on me.

We have some cauliflower in the fridge too and some of us would have thrown that in but I am no fan of that particular so-called vegetable!

I wasn’t following a recipe which is always a dicey proposition when you’re a total noob in the kitchen like me, and couldn’t decide if I was making an “Asian” dish or just … whatever … but it worked out fine. Olive oil, rice bran oil — I prefer the rice a little bit oily, that’s better than too dry anyway.

For flavour the usual salt and cracked pepper, some Fish oil, Braggs All-Purpose Seasoning, and some wheat-free Tamari — all of which in the passion of the moment, I forgot to check for FODMAPs but my research this morning leads me to believe we are in the clear. Anyway, only little dashes of each until the thing was tasting right. You don’t wanna splash too much Braggs in and regret it! I would have used Worcestershire sauce but I presumed it would not be FODMAP friendly but I just googled it and apparently it is, so there you go. You could also use sesame oil after for flavour, but I find it a little bit overpowering.

Anyway, it was yum and I had a ball cooking it. Life is good!

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