The rainbow goblin production line

It just occurred to me this morning how I block myself for no good reason, or at least, for reasons I don’t understand.

Why is it that I allow these feelings of malcontent to fester, this frustration to simmer, this potential to wither? Why don’t I loosen up, and allow my creativity to flow out the way it sees best? I am always trying to cram it into a box, to demand it be poured into whatever mould I have created with my thinking brain today, when it just wants to be released? All I really need to do is to stop holding myself to ransom with a list of uptight demands and just turn on the tap. Just sit down to work and allow myself to somehow serve others by being a conduit for whatever it is that needs to escape. 

Be it words, be it images, be it music, humour, cooking, or even just serving customers at work, whatever it is, why block it? Why stifle it? Why tell it that it isn’t good enough? Why not just trust it and let it roll along until it drops off the end of the rainbow goblin production line and then just see what happens? What good has come of trying to bash my quirks and blurts into subservience and conformity to intellectualised robot checklist thinking? Not much. Stagnation.

I used to think this kind of thinking was weak, but actually, I can see now that it is strong.

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