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The Purpose of this Blog is…

My girlfriend and I were huddling around the fire today trying to defrost and otherwise contemplating her swollen belly (baby not gas) and discussing our impending trip to France, Ireland and London (we leave Wednesday) when I asked if her sister in Paris has the ‘net.

“yes, why?”

“Oh you know, so I can check my emails and. you know, … blog … a little.”

“Are you still doing that?”

“Err, yes … I like writing you know …”

“Ok, but I hope that’s not all you want to do on holiday.”

“Of course not darling … ”

She has no idea why I blog, and I was just sitting here thinking about it and I realised that I have been very vague about why I have started this, my fourth blog.

Mind you, not that it matters because nobody much is reading it yet but anyway…

The reason I am writing this blog is because I am freshly starting out (again) on my great adventure to fulfill my life’s purpose. I have recently defined and refined my Life Purpose (I described it all in this article and this article for LivingNow magazine).

If you were to go and read these articles, you would see that I was extremely circumspect about exactly what business i am in. That was because I had just written the article in a big hurry (the editor perversely likes them better that way) and I didn’t want to say something and then change my mind or radically refine my call. But anyway that was a month or two ago now and I am pretty certain that my decision has stuck and will continue to do so. The business I am in (as distinct from my life purpose) is Media Publishing. Not just writing. Not just music. Not just meditation and Zen/Tao stuff. Not just running LivingNow’s website and otherwise doing LivingNow stuff. The business I am in is Media Publishing.

Everything I do revolves around this, and if I feel that I am straying I just need to ask myself is what I am doing about “Media Publishing” and if the answer is yes then I am cool, if it is no I have to draw the line and get back on track.

So that makes running a blog pretty cool.

And now it is time to sell something. I was just sitting here typing all this nazel gazing crap out and I realised I really need to start selling stuff.

But I am going on holiday for five weeks. Bugger.

Ok, so here’s what I am going to do. I have just finished a seven track “collection of songs” (can’t just say CD anymore dammit) and I have a two track project in the mail too. And I am about to start releasing written products for sale. But all of this is going to have to wait until I get back from Europe. So meanwhile…

I am going to do a little marketing exercise. I am going to write and upload to the web one very useful piece of writing. A gift to the world. And I am going to email it everyone I know and otherwise give it a little nudge before I leave and then see if it spreads over the internet and to what extent while I am gone.

Surely if I can come up with one really useful info-gift to the world it will get some eyeballs. Or not? Let’s find out. I can’t lose really, if it does well, then I can get back from my holiday and start selling stuff leveraging off the momentum the ‘gift’ has provided me, if it doesn’t spread, then I can re-package it and acticely sell it in a more pro-active manner.

Ok, I’ll be right back, gotta go write this thang…

go listen to my tunes here

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