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The Purple Muso

No, I don’t mean Prince, I am referring to Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow and thinking how ‘being remarkable’ is really the key to success, in music or anything.

Last night we went to the Sigur Ros concert here in Melbourne, Australia. I didn’t know their music very closely before the gig but it didn’t matter because I was blown away. They were truly purple. A bunch of Icelandic dudes including a singer (who very realistically could actually be an alien) singing in a high pitched squeak in a made-up nonsense language? A hairy brass section dressed in white who disco dance to the slow motion music when they aren’t playing? Music that sounds like a psychedelic ocean of stardust and laser beams? Remarkable, uncompromising and adored by a legion of devoted fans.

Then today I have been checking out the amazing Derek Sivers who obviously so passionate about helping musicians to build a career for themselves that he isn’t content just to sit back and enjoy the rewards of being the guy, but also has a huge long list of other projects he is starting to help musicians do their thang and thrive. Reading his free e-book right now. Do yourself a favour and download it here. A remarkable man indeed.

Then there are my friends in eddy current suppression ring lead by Mikey, a character so obsessed by garage rock that he pretty much eats and sleeps it. I was watching him at a lunch do the other day and he was off in his own world, jerking his head and mumbling a riff over and over to himself. His girlfriend tells me that all he does is music, literally, and he is certainly quite shy and not a schmoozer but almost overnight (well over the course of a year or so) these guys have literally exploded and become one of the biggest rock bands in Melbourne. Why? Well I really think that they are just so unique, remarkable and uncompromising that people just react positively to that and want in. Me too; I think they are the shit.

Anyway, my point is this. I know from experience and from observation that if you want to make it in this world, as a musician or as an anything-you-want, you need to be utterly unique, original, uncompromising and remarkable. True some people make it without being that, but I reckon it’s a poor bet, you’ll as soon be forgotten.

Meanwhile I am gearing up for my CD (or collection-of-tunes-in-whatever-format-you-prefer) release, and have been doing the Muck Work that is signing up for all the social media/bookmarking sites to get ready to do a social media marketing campaign. So – always – doing one thing every day to get my music out there. What about you? Getting off the couch much?

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