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What the %$#@ is a Zuiiza?

When Peter and Tony and I committed to starting a band, the search for a name was the order of the day. It had to be unique, not too long and we need to be able to buy the dot com … and (more of a challenge) we all needed to agree.

Well it took a fair bit of too-and-fro and an email thread of name suggestions as long as King Kong’s schlong but we got there eventually. I went scouring one night through a list of obscure Japanese Zen terms and eventually came to:

Zuii-za (“sitting as one pleases”; release from daily routine)

I liked it. I sent it to the boys. Pete seemed to like it, Tony was nonplussed. It was in.

No idea what happened to the hyphen; I’d already forgotten about it.

The meaning to me seemed very … err … meaningful: for all of us, starting a band was very much about reclaiming time back from the daily routine to sit – or more accurately – do what one pleases, which in our collective case is to rock and/or roll. Playing in a band is for us the (slightly more cultural) equivalent of going to the footy club for a beer or spending a Sunday arvo in the shed working on a car. It’s bloke time basically.

But how the hell do you pronounce it? Me and Pete decided it was pronounced Zoo-zah. Tony asked his daughter who is learning Japanese and she reported back that it is apparently pronounced “Zoo-ee-zah”, a bit like Louisa.

So, rightfully, Tony pronounces it like that. Me and Pete are sticking with “Zoo-zah”.

Logically, it’s now become the name of a planet; we refer to ourselves (and anyone foolish enough to pay us any attention) as Zuiizans. Go figure.


New band – Zuiiza

Yes that’s right – the new band is called Zuiiza – an odd name for a bunch of odd fellows.

Zuiiza is a totally obscure Japanese Zen word I found which means to be off duty (literally: to sit as one pleases) except we decided to pronounce it differently than you are supposed to. It’s apparently really pronounced “zoo-ee-zah” but we say it “Zoo-zah” and we keep making up various fictitious definitions for it, so in short, it’s pretty much a made up word 😉

Click here to check out Zuiiza and have a listen to some work-in-progress music.