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Songwriting: Bad Hair Day, Nice Tune But

seamus gangbusters

video below

I have read stuff before about how people training for sports and performance are often advised to run through their training mentally at other times (i.e. not at actual training) and I find a similar thing works for songwriting. I basically run around writing songs in my head all day, and sometimes sitting down with the guitar just becomes a formality, it’s already cooked.

That’s what happened with this new song, Gangbusters (Ride Again) which I did start on the guitar some time ago before picking it up again last week and adding the chorus, but I was not sure where to go with the chorus. Then yesterday I was doing the dishes and the song chorus showed me where it wanted to go – up!

In my head I sung it in my full voice but when I sat down to do it tonight for the first actual time it came out a falsetto and I think it sounds sweet. This version is the first full run through of the song. It’s more or less done now, from here it’s all arrangement tweaks, but it’s complete bar the fine tuning that comes of playing a lot.

I had just finished putting the kids to bed. They usually go to sleep pretty easy but lately my boy has been mucking up a bit so I actually walked out to the bungalow fresh from ‘having words’ (aka bellowing GO TO SLEEP ha ha) and I often hear people say they cannot do art because of all the life that gets in the way, and needing to be in the zone etc but I say phooey to that. You have to make art now, because that is all you ever have – now.

I hit record, really just to see if it would sound ok with the Logitech software that comes with the webcam, and I had no intention of publishing this. But I nailed the song all of a sudden and it doesn’t look/sound too bad for what it is, despite bad hair and grandpa cardy – so what the hell, enjoy some spontaneous art, freshly minted.

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