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Sometimes the Biggest Rock is actually tiny …

… Like yesterday for example, I identified the One Thing I could do which would move me closest to my goal. In this case it turned out to be calling up a friend to ask how the hell to get my tunes that I recorded in my iMac out of my iMac and onto a disc with out the sound quality turning to poo.

Well it turned out to be relatively simple, but I had been stuck on that point for MONTHS! I was intending to release these tunes properly LAST FEBRUARY! But I couldn’t get them onto a disc without the sound going all muddy and I spent hours looking for what the problem was, and hours searching through forum posts on the web and had let the whole project slide out of frustration and then …

… one tiny, five minute phone conversation was all it took.

Now I can go ahead and get a CD made, and distribute the songs digitally over the web, and all the rest.

One Thing Everyday, it makes all the difference.

Now, what will I do today? What will YOU do?

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