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August 2015 – Creatures from the Bog self-titled mini-album

After a massive CD launch the other night we are good to go for digital sales online, with CDs available at gigs. See also the CFTB website.
creatures from the bog

May 2015 – Zuiiza “Escape from Section C” OUT NOW on CD and digitaleverythingness
After 5+ years of work, we are excited to (delicately and slowly) release the first Zuiiza album, “Escape from Section C” – Go, check it out.

Get Neon Forest free at Zuiiza features me, Tony and also Peter Owen who used to be in Reckoning with me. Neon Forest is the first single off Zuiiza’s forthcoming debut album, “Escape from Section C”.


Download “Monkey Mind” audio

June 2012 – “I Went Outside for a Cigarette”

October 2011 – “Creatures From the Bog” (rock version)

July 2010 – “Glass and Blood and Leaves”

A small collection of black songs about those moments in life where you look at yourself in a filthy, cracked, blood-flecked mirror and the first thought that springs to mind is “Yup – file this sucker under D for Damaged Goods”.

April 2010 “My Wooden Leg”

December 2009: “Friggin’ Christmas”

January 2008: “Dogs May Bark”


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