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Oh where does the time go?


Pete, the guy with the pants on my left, just emailed this photo to me. I am the red jumper-dude in the middle. Matt is in the black Dylan t-shirt. My girlfriend at the time made those pants out of our curtains. We had no need for curtains in those days, but it seemed like a good idea that Pete cover up with something (anything!).

How’s the attitude dripping from the photo!? It must have been around 1995-96 by the look of that hair. When you’re that old young it is easy to convince yourself that you are a demi-god (and of course there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t think this).

To hear what kind of rock n’ roll this kind of attitude can produce, go here to my reckoning myspace page.

Now I am out of this goddamn office. Off home to get out my axe and rock the suburbs 😉

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