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Not a Huge Success Yet? Bummer Dude!

My Do One Thing report for today is that I am sitting at home cutting out my CD covers. Yes I could do it with a guillotine, but hmmmm, can’t seem to see one lying around here right now. Anyway, makes me feel constructive while we do the usual Friday night DVD thang.

Hey I can’t be arsed writing much tonight except to say that if you are trying to get your music shit – or any kind of shit really – together, then you oughtta take this advice:

“What do you do when you take a shit?
You just shit. That’s what you need to do with your music.”

And then you need to read this post here about getting off your lazy, unfocused arse and just doing it.

Gee lots of rude bum type words in this post. Meh!

Hey here’s one I wrote that can help you get it together too. See ya.

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