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Nightshift Green

Nightshift Green is a term I heard from my colleague Emma today when I was giving her a very early morning lift to work. It is used to describe that liberating moment when you are on the road before dawn (presumably on the way home from a hard night’s work) and there are no cars around so you think “bugger it” and drive through a red light.

I think I might call my upcoming album this. Nightshift Green. Why? Because most musical-men who are pushing 34, haven’t had their music-career shit together in several years and have a child on the way would see the red light and stop. Not me, I am spending all my spare cash on finally recording a decent album. I am running that red baby. Yeah! I am a cowboy, u-huh, on a steel horse I RIDE Mother Fucker! (Punches air).

Now I’d better get to work.

I am actually in an office right now, wearing insanely straight clothes and slupping back coffee in an attempt to motivate myself to deal with things like “Admin” and “sales Targets” … not particularly rock n roll …

Ah well … 😉

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