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Musicians! You Have Made It Already!

Musicians, you have ‘made it’ already.

So relax, will ya?

How I Made It As A Musician

I was sitting out in the sun a year or so ago (maybe two) and I suddenly thought to myself – what’s the hurry?

Hey, the sun will do that to you right?

But truly what is the hurry? What’s the big internal hurry to “make it” as a musician?

Suddenly I realised that I was here already. That I had “made it” already, so this means I have permission to just relax and enjoy being a musician just because I am one.

Just like Bob Dylan can. Or whoever your hero is.

Relax and Make Music As You Feel Like Doing It

Last summer I got really busy, played a bunch of gigs and met all kindsof new people. It was the most fertile music summer I have had in ages. Then winter hit and I retreated.

And it felt right.

Now spring is here and I am gearing up again to make some more music, do some more gigs.

And after a head-down-bums-up winter of hard work I have a new recording that I wannna get made and another year’s life experience under my belt (that just makes my music even tastier) and I feel even more Zen about it all than ever.

But not that bullshit zen attitude that I superimposed on my musicianship back in my late twenties. Back then I was flopping around, slacking off saying “hey man, every thing is nothing, I got no agenda” but really I was burning up because even though I was gigging all the time, I wasn’t living up to the defunct musician model in my brain.

So I had serious dissonance, discord, disturbance.

Now I know I am playing a kind of music that I will play all my life and then I will die. And that’s cool with me. there’s no permanence. Even the Beatles and Elvis will be forgotten one day (read some Asimov to give you that sense of perspective).

So all that matters is making music now.

And when you’re not making music, all that matters is what you are doing that isn’t making music now.

So yeah, I am looking forward to playing more and better gigs, and making new recordings. And if it takes off it takes off. But if I just enjoy playing so-called dive gigs for the rest of my life, well, I actually do enjoy 99% of them so what’s the big deal?

There is no big deal, that’s the lesson grasshopper.

YOU are no big deal.

So just play some music mofo, and stop moaning about how you haven’t made it yet – because you’re wrong about that.

You have made it.

This is it.

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