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Music is a Foot

Nobody is reading this blog yet so it is a bit like pissing in the wind, but all the same here’s the news, cut and pasted from an email to my friend cos I am very lazy today due to overwhelming knackeredness…

me and pete performed at the grace emily last night … as reckoning … yep. you heard it, well, we didn’t really call ourselves reckoning, but we did a whole bunch of reckoning tunes and it all went pretty well, nice crowd rocked up too.

we are going to continue doing this adding new songs as we go, we did two newies yesterday.

and i have recorded a 7 track one guitar one vox cd to be released asap and also rumour from outer space (Planet Spindickle to be precise) has it that Nigel from Home for the Def has produced a two track thing of mine two which i haven’t heard yet but apparently sounds great

so music is afoot, or perhaps ahand, jury’s out on that.

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