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Monomaniacs Unite!

As I was riding my bike to work today I was yet again dumbfounded by just how many friggin’ people there are on this planet. And this is in Melbourne, Australia which is busy and all but hardly the most over-populated place on Earth.

I truly had to do about a quarter of the ride at half speed in order not to bump into people or cars.

And what of it? Well, I suppose there are all the usual implications that could be waffled on about, doomsday stuff, but I might as well leave that to everybody else (because it is my belief that it is unhappiness that causes people to bugger this world up, not pure selfishness for it’s own sake, but that’s another story) and talk about one of my personal obsessions: success, more specifically, career success.

The chances of standing out in this world and being handsomely rewarded for it – or in other words becoming wildly (career) successful – are slim. And why? because there are just so many people to compete with.

There is a glimmer of hope, a method of hugely increasing your chances. But it will come at a cost, and the cost will probably be high.

Here it is: the best chance you have of becoming wildy successful is to apply Curly’s Law* and be totally obsessive about both your chosen skill and about being successful at building a career on top of this foundation skill.

I repeat – you have to be a monomaniacal obsessive. Period.

*If you read this and want to know what happened next then go here.

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