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Lumpy Koala

Lumpy Koala, Malaysia, is actually a lot more down and dirty fun than I expected kind of a smaller Bangkok. Wicked thunderstorm today and eating in small roadside wok-joints and endless shopping malls.

Nice to actually be here too after the huge crash we had on route to the airport. Yes a HUGE car crash (L’s Dad was driving but not his fault, not by a long shot). Nobody hurt but the truck dented up pretty bad and the girl’s car TOTALLED. I felt sorry for her even though she f***ed up royally. Amazingly, we powered on and made the flight.

I honestly thought I was going to die right there and then for about .3 of a second.

anyway all good 🙂 onward and upward eh what?!

bye now, off to France on Saturday. Ha!

1 Comment on Lumpy Koala

  1. Ivan
    November 29, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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