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It is very easy to download my music

I have now set up where you can listen to and download my music for FREE or you can PAY WHAT YOU FEEL.


Because I am excited about that’s why!

I intend now to release all of the reckoning recordings in the same fashion, as well as all of my other back catalog (solo recordings, Quill, and more).

The new music marketing dilemma

Awesome. It’s an exciting time to be a musician.

When I was twenty, the problem was “how can we distribute our music out there into the big wide world?” the answer was that we couldn’t really, not without a record company.

Now I can beam my tunes out to the world in my pajamas from my couch, but the problem now is – how do you get anyone to care?

More on that soon …

<a href="">Go Away by Seamus Anthony</a>

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