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I think a lot about Marketing

This really loses people when I bring it up at parties. Their eyes glaze over and next thing you know, I am left trying to convince my glass of flat warm cola that it really is a fascinating and colourful artform.

Oh well.

I am right now about to embark on what I hope will be the most successful spree of marketing I have ever done. I’d explain in words, but truthfully I know parts of the picture, because it all about experimentation and testing (that’s part of what is so dynamic and exciting about marketing). I can say that I know that it involves my meditation/philosphy passions with my music/writing passions, and that I find it challenging to see how to peice these together. For example, some of my songs are about feeling totally fucked up and miserable but my meditation has brought me incredible levels of happiness and peace, and I am going to help people to experience that. “From a marketing perspective” as people everyday say in corporate offices around the world, this is interesting because it is essentially a kind of contradiction.

And then there is my passion for treating each other with love and respect, but I write horror stories, complete with blood, guts and despicable examples of human depravity at it’s worst.

Oh well, I know I’ll figure it out as I go, perhaps by blathering on at length about Yin and Yang, and about the need to contemplate with close scrutiny the fact of our mortality and the often brutal nature of sickness, injury and the processes of death (in order to liberate ourselves from Fear).

Here’s a guy who is doing a great job of marketing two similar streams of self-expression: the personal development/spirituality field and that of popular music. I haven’t heard the music yet but I. love. the. marketing. angle.

Yes, I think a lot about marketing…

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