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Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds … in case anybody (unlikely) is wondering, I am looking at videos tonight to help me come up with ideas for a video for the Cigarette Song.

I like this one. I like the gentle weirdness of it all. And I seem to find myself increasingly drawn to the idea of dressing up in stupid costumes. Maybe that’s going to be my version of a mid-life crisis. After all, I’ve only recently stopped chasing girls and partying on all night every night so it would be kind of premature to go back to that kind of behaviour as my way of rebelling against mortality. So, silly costumes it may well be. My 4.5 yr old daughter is very keen on me dying my hair and beard bright green, as am I.

Anyway, enjoy the falsetto, not jealous at all….

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