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This one I wheeled out the other night, I had to remember the chords which took some ‘memberin’ but I got there. I wrote it back when I was in my late 20s and flush with the first experience of the bliss that meditation brings. 15 or so years later I am still into meditation and positive conscious expansion in a big way. It’s always there to support me through hard times and has really come back into the forefront of my life with renewed vigor now that I have knocked the booze on the head after a long struggle with that.

Despite my new clean livin’ lifestyle (6 months in almost) I had a bit of a mini-breakdown a few weeks back (all good, just a speed bump in the road) and meditation and spiritual (and human!) connection brought me through it just fine. I am so glad to have these abilities to help myself feel better about life when things get tough and I really feel called to help people though my music and words to feel better themselves, to cope when life seems too much to bear. That’s the direction I’m heading in now, something more authentic and helpful to others.

Hope this song helps you in some way. It’s really just a rehearsal as I prepare to reintroduce it into my set. Next gig – Dave Graney support @ Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, July 25th!

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