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Do One Thing Every Day …

… to get some music action happening in my life again. That’s the plan. And preferably it should be the “biggest rock” (the action that will achieve the most out of the available range of possible actions) but I am pretty much happy if I do something at least. And practising* doesn’t count – this is about getting it out there. Practising is about being ready for when you are actually out there.

So today I didn’t have a lot of time but I finally managed to spend some time pimping my myspace page (yes like a big old kid).

The most exciting thing that I did there was add a RSS feature to it so that this blog gets fed into the myspace page.

Damn! Somebody might even read it! Then I’ll be in trouble!

Yesterday’s thing (similarly busy day) was that I struck a deal with Steven Mills . He is going to use me as a guinea pig for his new system of promoting yourself effectively across the web. Which means I should soon be getting heaps of eyeballs and ears checking out my tunes and mad bastard ramblings …

Not sure what I will do tomorrow … maybe something more “real world” orientated?

(*practising? practicing? I can never figure it out. And who cares really?)

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