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CD Released and Getting Ready to Play Live Again

Hi – have been totally busy with Rebel Zen but have been getting some key things done music-wise in spare moments:

  1.  The CD is available for purchase via CD Baby . As per this funny post  the four discs in stock at CDBaby are CD-ROM, but I just received my order of commercial CDs proper, so what I am doing is emailing the people who buy the (perfectly fine) CD ROMS and posting them a complementary copy of the commercially pressed discs.
  2. I have a Melbourne Gig, October 16th at 303 (303 High St, Northcote) and an Adelaide gig at Grace Emily (date to be confirmed) in the pipeline so I’ll get all “promotey” about those over the next week. Yep, it’s time to tread the boards again after a long break.
  3. I am going to get a redesign of this site done soon with a “static” (but not static) homepage and more features, like free music downloads, video, and I’ll be making all of my older material (there’s shitloads) available for pretty cheap soon to.
  4. I have been getting a few requests for new copies of my old band Reckoning‘s CDs, but they’re all sold out now, so we are going to release a best of CD and get all the tracks available by digital download. Also I’ve got a copy of the only half-decent video we ever did which I will get around to converting from VHS and putting online eventually. I also have been meaning to set up a proper website for the band one day also. Just for old time’s sakes 😉
  5. This will tie in nicely with the recording that Pete (Reckoning drummer) and I will be doing over the summer, after that we hope to start playing live together on a regular basis. I am really excited about that.
  6. Oh and my new recordings are supposed to be available through iTunes soon, via CDBaby and also a bunch of other online distributors. It seems to take a while to set up but hopefully that will come together in time for my all singing all dancing live efforts again.

So yes, has been a bit slow for the last couple of weeks, but this year has been all about laying the groundwork for me to re-enter the music business again in a sustainable way. Wish me luck (now go listen to my tunes at MySpace or just go buy them already!)

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3 Comments on CD Released and Getting Ready to Play Live Again

  1. Ari Koinuma
    October 1, 2008 at 5:37 am

    Congrats on releasing a CD!


  2. Matthias
    November 2, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Seamus! Great site!

    You mentioned in this post that it takes a while to set up digital music distribution @ CDBaby. How long did you have to wait?


  3. Seamus
    November 3, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Hi Matthias – it probably took a couple of months or maybe just one. I was too busy to get stressed about it so wasn’t watching the clock. Just get in early enough and you’ll be fine. It’s all up now BTW –

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