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Paris in the Summer Dahhhling

Well, after a huge car crash on the way to the airport in melbourne that left car of the idiot driver whose fault the crash was written off and our truck pretty bashed up itself although thankfully nobody hurt which was amazing and then a few days in Kaula Lumpar which was cool and then a very scary hairy bumpy flight over to Europe via India and dodgy places like afghanistan and little former Russian countries Id never heard of …

…we are well and good here in very sunny until today Paris, checking out ridiculous amounts of tourists as they check out amazing monuments, sipping ultra expensive coffee in cafes and feeling very chick however you spell that and generally enjoying some no brainer time.

best moment so far is a toss up between the eiffel tower, which i was surprisingly impressed by even though i usually dont care about monuments, and maybe being in MontMart because i recognised it from the film Amilie or probably the view from the modern art gallery the name i forget (not the Louvre) or standing up really close to some awseome famous paintings by Picasso and the like.

or maybe it was just going into a Boulanger (sp?) and asking for a baggette in French like Id been doing it all my life 😉

But probably it is the smile on my girls face as she is so happy to be back home where she is from … we could definitely live here, its much nicer than i expected. just need to figure out that money thing, its a bit on the ouch side 😉 ok maybe after the bestselling hit book!

Mon France et ne pas increyable but I am getting better very quickly. I can honestly say that je parle a petite petite petite pu France although no doubt I cant spell it or pronounce all i know properly. actually mon France et epouvontable, lets be honest!