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Depth and Focus

Just reading an awesome free E-book called “What Matters Now“, compiled by Seth Godin; love this quote:

what produces real work (and happiness for each of us,
in my opinion) is depth, focus, concentration and
commitment over time.

By one Steven Pressfield.

It’s not a very trendy thing to say but it is the truth. It’s why I don’t seem to use that Twitter account I briefly flirted with. It’s why I will pursue my music until my pursuing days are over.

Speaking of which, two advancements today in that area:

  1. An awesome new vision (virtually worthless until realised of course)
  2. A new iPhone sketch, and right on-message too:

An Interesting Life

New song flavoured with a genuine hangover, some minor stuff-ups and a hint of lawnmower in the background. The Scarab Bar is in Belgrave, Victoria but it could be any bar anywhere right?

<a href="">An Interesting Life by Seamus Anthony</a>

If you like ze tune zen please download and/or use the share function to ping it around the world, around the world, around the world, around the world (repeat).

Are You Too Old To Be A Musician?

The answer is “no”.

You are never too old to be a musician.

Maybe you’re too old to be a pop star for the teenage market – but do you really want to be that?

Just make your music dude, and don’t worry about how old you are. Age is meaningless.

old musician

In Defiance of the Lizard Brain

I was sitting in my little office in the backyard at about 4:30pm yesterday thinking about wanting to record and that little chicken voice, the one Seth Godin calls the Lizard Brain, was giving me the usual crap:

but you need money; make money then you can relax and make music.

Suddenly I just took on board Godin’s whole message from “Linchpin” (brilliant book, read it). I reached for my iPhone, pressed a button and recorded this:

… and by the time I went to bed I had figured out how to convert the file into something usable and it was online and available worldwide.

OK so it took me about 10 minutes to make the cover, and it’s pretty lame – but I can come back and fix that later.

OK so it’s recorded in one take on a Dictaphone. OK so it’s technically sub-standard – but you know what? I don’t mind.

Listening back to it, I like the way it sounds; it reminds me of a Neil Young song recorded around a campfire back in the 70s. I even like the 20 seconds of nothing at the end (the world needs more quiet moments of nothing between stimuli). Polished recordings have their place but so do quick n’ dirty guerrilla recordings. And meanwhile, the lyrics are exactly perfect for the statement: it’s about contributing – now, while you have the chance – not passively consuming.

OK so just because it is available worldwide doesn’t mean the world cares, but that’s not the point.

The point is more people are going to care than if I don’t record it and, just as importantly, release it (Godin calls it “shipping”). Don’t record and release – move nobody. Record and release (however flawed) – move somebody, somewhere for sure. And as an artist, all I really care about is moving people with my art, making a difference.

So bugger off Lizard Brain, get thee to a nunnery and I’ll call you when I actually need you.

I’m going to record and release a whole album like this over the next week or two; the working title is “Recorded on my iPhone (in defiance of the Lizard Brain)’.

Thank you Seth, you moved me with your indispensable book.

Reckoning (My Old Band) Music Available Online

Hi just a quick note to plug the new website I have made for my old band from waaaaay back in the mid 90s, Reckoning:

You can follow the Music tab to the download page or just go straight to the reckoning music. Here’s a taste:

And here’s the very seldom seen video clip of one our most popular tracks “Weird Kids”

Listen, download and if you like it please do share it around – there’s a share function you can use to plug it on facebook, twitter etc.

The exciting news is that preparations are now underway for Peter Owen (the drummer from Reckoning) and myself to get together next year and begin to make music again.

Friggin’ Christmas!

I have a new recording which you can download free (or just listen to). It’s a tragi-comic tale of Christmas, beer and flaccid New Year’s resolutions. And yes, it is probably the silliest thing I have ever done 🙂

Hope you enjoy – and if you do please use the “share” function to tell some mates about it. Cheers!

Are You Suffering From ‘Trapped Musician Syndrome’?

Just listening today to Seth Godin’s “Tribes”, in which the man states the facts that A) all the tools are at your disposal and B) the only reason you (we) don’t kick giant arse is because of Fear.

But I believe many musicians, sometimes myself included, don’t recognise this. We name excuses but ignore that back of these lie fear.

News Flash: Musician’s Worst Nightmare Comes True – Life Happens

Many musicians want to become musicians to avoid reality. In the end though, reality has a habit of catching up to all of us.

For example, one sunny day you may wake up to find that you have suddenly morphed into a parent and are faced with a very real requirement from society – not to mention your little angel – to be RESPONSIBLE (Gasp! The Horror!).

Suddenly you simply cannot work 3 days a week in cafe for beer and rent money, using the rest of your time to jam and record.

Suddenly you just can’t get up and go on an underfunded tour of coastal cafes to build a following, knowing that you’ll get home hundreds of dollars poorer, not richer.

Suddenly you can’t sleep in until noon, jam all arvo, then go out and network with other bands? Why? Because little diddums gets you up at 6:30am, needs breakfast, entertaining, lunch, a nap, more entertaining, dinner, a bath, a night time routine so they’ll actually got to bed nicely (hopefully). Meanwhile someone also has to bring in some dosh to pay for those meals, those pyjamas, that hot water. And then you’ll need to go to bed before midnight because sure as the sun will rise, that kid’s gonna wake up with it.


This DOES NOT mean that you are trapped! It does not mean that you have no recourse!

You Are Not Trapped – You Are Just Letting Fear Fuck With You

There are still many options – it just means you have to be organised. It means you have to be creative and (if you’ll forgive the cliche) think outside of the box. There are many ways and means for you to get out there and make your music.

For example …

Worldwide music distribution – from the couch!

There is so much more to the internet for musicians than Facebook and Myspace.

For example, I recently set this online music distribution point up while I was sitting on the couch at night while watching TV and resting after a busy day playing Dad.

Here is a list of just a few other places I found – in five minutes of searching – to distribute your music online:

Now I don’t know much about most of these sites yet, but given that this is a minute sample, it is obvious that there are very few excuses for not getting your tunes out there.

Of course, just getting people downloading your free Mp3s isn’t going to solve all of your problems, but it is just one way to help you:

A) Get Satisfaction

Since setting up the other day, just under 300 hundred people have listened to my music there (or via embedded music players placed on other web pages, like this:

which bandcamp makes easy to do). And many of those people also downloaded the album. I didn’t make a penny but Jeez it feels better than looking a box of CDs growing dusty under the bed – huh?

B) Start Making Progress

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” and other corny – but true – cliches.

I know now that if I had spent the last 15 years slowly getting one thing at a time done, step by step, I’d be a wealthy man by now, but instead I was always looking for the short cut. Unfortunately, I know now, THERE IS NO SHORT CUT. Not one that you can deliberately take anyway.

This doesn’t mean you can’t work smart instead of hard but nevertheless, you’ll need to work and it will always take more time than you want it to.

Take the long way, it’s the only way available.

Ok – enough jibber jabber for now. My point is that we all have the chance to shine our light – no matter what the circumstances of our lives.

Back soon with more on this topic.
Click here to listen and/or download my music FREE (or pay what you feel).

It is very easy to download my music

I have now set up where you can listen to and download my music for FREE or you can PAY WHAT YOU FEEL.


Because I am excited about that’s why!

I intend now to release all of the reckoning recordings in the same fashion, as well as all of my other back catalog (solo recordings, Quill, and more).

The new music marketing dilemma

Awesome. It’s an exciting time to be a musician.

When I was twenty, the problem was “how can we distribute our music out there into the big wide world?” the answer was that we couldn’t really, not without a record company.

Now I can beam my tunes out to the world in my pajamas from my couch, but the problem now is – how do you get anyone to care?

More on that soon …

<a href="">Go Away by Seamus Anthony</a>

Musicians! You Have Made It Already!

Musicians, you have ‘made it’ already.

So relax, will ya?

How I Made It As A Musician

I was sitting out in the sun a year or so ago (maybe two) and I suddenly thought to myself – what’s the hurry?

Hey, the sun will do that to you right?

But truly what is the hurry? What’s the big internal hurry to “make it” as a musician?

Suddenly I realised that I was here already. That I had “made it” already, so this means I have permission to just relax and enjoy being a musician just because I am one.

Just like Bob Dylan can. Or whoever your hero is.

Relax and Make Music As You Feel Like Doing It

Last summer I got really busy, played a bunch of gigs and met all kindsof new people. It was the most fertile music summer I have had in ages. Then winter hit and I retreated.

And it felt right.

Now spring is here and I am gearing up again to make some more music, do some more gigs.

And after a head-down-bums-up winter of hard work I have a new recording that I wannna get made and another year’s life experience under my belt (that just makes my music even tastier) and I feel even more Zen about it all than ever.

But not that bullshit zen attitude that I superimposed on my musicianship back in my late twenties. Back then I was flopping around, slacking off saying “hey man, every thing is nothing, I got no agenda” but really I was burning up because even though I was gigging all the time, I wasn’t living up to the defunct musician model in my brain.

So I had serious dissonance, discord, disturbance.

Now I know I am playing a kind of music that I will play all my life and then I will die. And that’s cool with me. there’s no permanence. Even the Beatles and Elvis will be forgotten one day (read some Asimov to give you that sense of perspective).

So all that matters is making music now.

And when you’re not making music, all that matters is what you are doing that isn’t making music now.

So yeah, I am looking forward to playing more and better gigs, and making new recordings. And if it takes off it takes off. But if I just enjoy playing so-called dive gigs for the rest of my life, well, I actually do enjoy 99% of them so what’s the big deal?

There is no big deal, that’s the lesson grasshopper.

YOU are no big deal.

So just play some music mofo, and stop moaning about how you haven’t made it yet – because you’re wrong about that.

You have made it.

This is it.

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