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You Have to Be A Stubborn Little Shit

Yesterday I was mooching around in the garden, organising the firewood when I found one big lump of gum that was too big to fit into the wood heater (we live in the hills so all this kind of thing is par for the course).

I grabbed my trusty axe and started chopping to split the big lump in two.

Two hours later, and after much grunting, groaning, swearing and a zillion axe blows I was still going – sweat flying everywhere, alcohol being skulled back to kill the pain, a mad glint in my eye – and my girl was starting to get a bit worried.

I knew it wasn’t the most useful usuage of my time but I didn’t care. Why? because I am a stubborn little shit and I don’t like to quit until something is bloody well done already. So I kept at that lump of concrete masquerading as wood until finally after 2 and a half hours it eventually split.

I then held the pieces of defeated wood aloft, standing admist the splintery carnage of the battle and let out a macho roar (and my girl called me a tosser – but that’s beside the point).

The point IS that I am a stubborn little shit and I don’t like to quit until something is done properly. And frankly, when I was younger I started something – becoming a professional muscian – and I didn’t finish it (for various reasons, none of them good enough) and I just can’t live with that. Call it pride. Call it stupidity. Call it what you will.

I don’t care what you call it.

You see, last November, when my baby girl was a newborn, I was staring at her sleeping in my arms and I thought to myself “What am I going to tell her? That I just gave up?”

Fuck no. I want her to learn that the persistent win, not just the talented, or the lucky, but the PERSISTENT.

So here’s the deal. Stupid and pigheaded and unrealistic as it may seem, I resolve to do at least one thing everyday to move me towards my goal of becoming a professional musician until such point as it becomes reality.

This is a big call. But I don’t need to be Bono or Mick Jagger or anything, just earn a modest living playing music. Of course if I earn zillions, then fine, that’s cool, I can roll with that…

So what did I do today? Well the single most important thing (the Biggest Rock – Google it) I did today to sit down with Steve, my partner over at Rebel Zen and start learning how to run an effective social media marketing campaign. This means I will begin to build traffic to this site. I did other things too, like buy for my “static” music site, join Twitter (despite my reservations) and cancel the hosting I have here so that I save myself $150/year (all adds up), but the “biggest rock award” for today goes to the social media marketing lesson. very powerful Over at, for example, Steve rustled us up 177 unique visitors in one day in our first week of the site being “live”. As for this here blog, well I think it’s pretty much just a few everyday, but soon … things will be different (cue evil laugh) Moo-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! is go!

Me and my mate Steve have started a new blog call Rebel Zen.

You can see by the categories I have chosen for this here post what the theme of Rebel Zen will be about (and hopefully in a refreshing and dynamic way). I guess in some ways it will pick up from where The Contemporary Taoist left off but this time it’s a dynamic duo rather than just me, and also it will be more focussed and *cough* mature 😉

Actually Rebel Zen is going to be more than a blog, but one thing at a time.

We will be posting a fair bit over the next week. Mostly reworked old posts or articles that fit the theme, and then new stuff will begin to go online soon.

Anyway head on over and witness the birthing pains of our new child 🙂

This blog will continue but will probably focus more on music. Not sure yet but probably.

More on Getting High Without Drugs

Psychedelic Meditation

Now despite the fact that there are very few comments at this previous post: How To Get High Without Drugs I still know thanks to the magic of my web traffic counter thing that this page is being viewed about two or three times a day by people Googling “How To Get High Without Drugs” or very similar.

Now in that post I mentioned the two ways I use to get high without drugs. The first way is performing my music on stage (or in my bedroom for that matter). I also mention that your version of “playing music” might be something else, like for example, racing Galapagos tortoises, or turtles or terrapins or whatever they are correctly referred to as. The point is: lose yourself in an activity that effectively pushes the right buttons for you so that you get high, need I re-iterate, without any drugs.

The second is meditating. I was going to post more about that but got kind of distracted, but it is half finished on my hard drive so I might as well piff it up online bit by bit and hopefully it will help people.

Now I know i could sell this information but at this stage I think I will roll with making it available for free for now. More very soon…

Getting Down with Furry Dudes

Whoops, just posted another tune. Here’s a fascinating excerpt of my “the making of” prattle that accompanies the mp3

” … a spider that was hanging around our lounge room at the time (normal stuff in Australia, and we are talking a big, hairy dude too!). Of course, he was just doing nothing much, as Hunstmen spiders do, and I admired him for this.

This was around the time I was first reading about meditation and Eastern Philosophies like Zen and the like, so I guess this was reflection of that… “

Click here too listen to the tune “Get Down” and lose yourself in the incredible rollicking tales of rock glory!

How To Get High Without Drugs

What if I told you there is a pretty simple, totally free, and thoroughly healthy way to get mind blowingly high everyday?

Well there is. I swear it is true.

But before I tell you how, allow me to ramble on a bit first …

I am pretty open to admitting that I have sampled my fair share of drugs over the years – and why? Because getting high is awesome.

Or at least it sometimes is.

And then sometimes is it not. And the older I (and many people) get the more it is not.

The problem is that drugs actually suck. Half the time they don’t work as well as you’d like and, in my experience at least, there are almost always downsides to the bargain. Like nausea, paranoia (I have never had that problem at least), depression, making an idiot of yourself, “brain fry” (ie. neurological damage), waste of money. And then there are longer term problems like loss of motivation and mental clarity, addiction, and the erosion of health. I could go on and on (but then I’d have to think too hard).

But look everyone knows this right? And when you’re young you don’t really care and when you get a little bit older some of us do start to care. Then some of that group stop or drastically cut down, and others keep going strong to (eventually) devastating consequences.

I have pretty much stopped altogether now. I say “pretty much” to cover myself. I reserve the right to turn around and develop a full blown drug binging lifestyle again at any moment. But it is seriously unlikely that I will.

Even the occasional smoke gets me nowhere these days. None of it really turns me on anymore.

And that sucks. I love getting high.

Well, I have two excellent ways to get high that I use and I am happy to share these with you now.

The first is performing music live in front of an audience. I have never ever experienced a better rush that this, not even when I smoked some heavy new fangled drug that shall remain nameless once a couple of years ago (which was awesome but I was mature enough to know that I would never do it again).

Now I have read that other kinds of performance or activities can give you the same awesome high that I get when I have a rocking gig in front of a receptive crowd. So if jumping off the side of mountains is your thing, or skateboarding, or horse riding or whatever, then just do heaps of that and you’ll never get a bigger kick.

And there’s another way, which is good if you don’t have the kind of passion like the above, and is otherwise good anyway because we can’t always be playing rock god or base jumper, is ….


Last night I spent forty minutes meditating before I went to bed. The last ten minutes of that time I spent watching the roof of my house lift off to reveal a brilliant starry sky, then a brightly coloured UFO came down and then I was suddenly floating on a blue ocean, my head fell back and the sun was shining and warm on my face…

I could go on but let me just point out that this was at about midnight and it was barely above zero degrees outside and we are in the hills miles from the ocean. Get my drift?

So I am not right now going to teach you how to meditate right here and now (later) but let me just assure you that you don’t need to take drugs to get high and that if you have given drugs up, all is not lost, you can still bliss out baby!

Thank God!