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Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds … in case anybody (unlikely) is wondering, I am looking at videos tonight to help me come up with ideas for a video for the Cigarette Song.

I like this one. I like the gentle weirdness of it all. And I seem to find myself increasingly drawn to the idea of dressing up in stupid costumes. Maybe that’s going to be my version of a mid-life crisis. After all, I’ve only recently stopped chasing girls and partying on all night every night so it would be kind of premature to go back to that kind of behaviour as my way of rebelling against mortality. So, silly costumes it may well be. My 4.5 yr old daughter is very keen on me dying my hair and beard bright green, as am I.

Anyway, enjoy the falsetto, not jealous at all….

Unbounded Thinking

Here’s a link to the web-based version of what I hope to be a much more cohesive run of email newsletters detailing my many and varied madcap adventures in art, love and bright, twinkling lights.

Oh, and here’s some inspirational shit I wrote out in note-form for myself the other night, I hope it helps you as much as it helped me:

Unbounded Thinking

We are here to be ourselves, to realize our uniqueness and to maximize our true selves – expressing our true nature without fear.

So your passions do not need to be curtailed for the sake of focus, explore them all freely.

Obviously you must make money so search for the sweet spot. But don’t get too hung up on money. It’s kind of nothing.

For example, I love to create awesome things, and a good business is such a thing, a work of art.

If you need money (now) and this is where the money (now) is, then go with this energy, this path of least resistance. But you know, you probably don’t need it as much as you fear that you do.

Defy expectations. Be free.

You can be building a business today, being a singer tomorrow and writing inspirational words next week. Do what is appropriate on the day.

It’s all me, and me is free. Unbounded thinking makes it so.

p.s. to get the email newsletters, just download my free tunes.

Seamus Anthony live at Songwriters in the Round, Melbourne

I have now played maybe as many as ten Songwriters in the Round gigs thanks to Liam and all the gang at Melting Pot who are really blossoming into a music promoter force to be reckoned with. I have been blessed by their ongoing support over the last three years and it seems to be a beautiful friendship that looks set to continue as SITR moves on to a different venue.

I am also writing a regular blog for them over at their shiny new music blog.

The above gig took place last September 2011 – there’s been a couple more since then and I am looking forward to the footage from those also as they were pretty special.

Beads in Space

Click the images for larger versions.

For those of you who live in Melbourne don’t forget I have a gig this Friday night at Seraphim (upstairs bar, over the cafe), 123 Smith St, Seraphim. It’s as part of the way cool Songwriters in the Round brought to you by Melting Pot.

It’s about the 10th one of these I have done and the final in this great venue – so come on down – I am on at about 9pm for around one and a half hours. I will be sharing the stage with John Fleming (ex-Scared Weird Little Guys) and Carly Rae.

Flood Victim

“Flood Victim” – by Seamus Anthony. Click image for larger version

This bridge near our home in the Dandenong Ranges got partially destroyed by the floods of 2011. It has come completely away from its foundations on the near side of the creek. It was quickly “closed” by the council but is still used. Guess the locals grew tired of waiting for it to be fixed. Not surprising given that working around it adds another 20 minutes to the walk up to town.

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