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Assumption – the Mother of all F#$* Ups

I get to work this morning, am trying to check emails and RSS, phone rings, I grumblingly pick it up:

(Female) Client: “Good morning, I would like to (conduct business).”

Me: “Ok, no worries, can you give me your phone number so I can look you up on the database?”

Client gives me number, I bring up the record.

Me: “Ok, now this says here that this number belongs to Jason but obviously that isn’t you; can I get your name for the record?”

Client: “What makes you say that?”

Me: “What makes me say what?”

Client: “That I’m not Jason?”

Looooong silence as it dawns on me what I have done….

Me: “Err, because you sound like a woman?”

Thankfully at this point Jason laughs and says: “It’s ok mate, I get it all the time, I have a high voice, it’s true!”

Me: “Jason, I apologise profusely…”

Client: “No seriously it’s ok, I’m used to it. The funny thing is, I am really quite, y’know, big…

What a morning!

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