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July 2013 archive

New Single Monkey Mind Coming Soon

I am quite excited to be launching a new single “Monkey Mind” very soon indeed, including some sweet, sweet video action and an ebook to go with the song too, how’s that for something different. I will also be packaging the song up with my various releases of the last five years into an album. You know, one of them CD things or if you prefer, intangible downloady goodness.

Gearing up for a lot more gigging too after some gig downtime, did a couple in July including a great gig at the Yarra Hotel in Abbotsford here in Melbourne. Really, really fine pub. Also played at Station 59 in Richmond which is a pretty sweet little venue too with delicious Coopers Dark Ale on top.

I am playing at the Ferntree Gully Hotel twice in August, on the 3rd and the 17th, so that will be cool, first time there.

other news is that the Zuiiza album is FINALLY in its last stages of the 7 year epic effort to fruition, and will be released in spring this year. More soon, oh my breathless expectant public…

New single due August 2013

The entire world will stop and unite in a joyous outpouring of excitement and love when I release my first tune for the year this august. The song in question is called “Monkey Mind” and it is a full production number with drums n opera singers n shit AND an actual video. I will be packaging it up with an album that is effectively the best of the last 5 years worth of music. FUCKING GOOD music too I might add.

Going forward from there: this spring sees the release of the Zuiiza album, of which I am but one third, but thankfully for my fragile ego, the “lead singer” third. Videos will abound for this also. Then in 2014 I am to record a new solo album proper. By the time this comes out I will be massively famous around the world and probably won’t speak to little people like you any more. So call me now and buy me drinks, or forever hold your piss.