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October 2012 archive

October is Gigalicious

This post is ostensibly to let you know about the gigs I have coming up. However, those in far flung places, see below for a smattering of news & content to entertain you right now in your comfy socks.

  • SYDNEY – This Thursday 4th October in Newtown, Sydney at the Union Hotel with Andrew P Street – see Facebook event page
  • ADELAIDE – Sunday October 14th me and Andrew P Street (formerly Undecided, Career Girls for those with long memories) return to Adelaide to show the kids how it’s done. Grace Emily, 5pm – see the Facebook event page
  • BELGRAVE – in the Dandenong Ranges, outside of Melbourne. Rumour has it I live there. I also rock the joint from time to time. Including an EPIC 15 minute slot at the Reverberation Festival, Sat October 20th 4pm. See the website.
  • MELBOURNE – Finally Sunday November 18th at the Wesley Anne, Northcote as part of the legendary Melting Pot Songwriter’s In The Round, 2pm. Bring it on.

Andrew P Street Seamus Anthony

Other News

No new recordings just now but the debut album by Zuiiza, featuring me, Peter Owen (me old bandmate from Reckoning) & Tony “E-bow” Ennis is about 70% cooked.

It’s been 2 years in the making and is truly EPIC, WEIRD & DAMN CATCHY TO BOOT.

It’s space rock, more like Reckoning than my solo stuff, of which there are also recordings afoot .. stay tuned, the good times are just getting started…

Pictured – Andrew P Street and me singing Reckoning’s “I Am Stone” like it was 1995 all over again at the Wesley Anne, Northcote, Melbourne, July 2012

Some Music I Love By People Who Rule

Here’s some tunes I have been digging lately:

Wistful by James Fox Higgins

(who may or may not be my cousin … ok he totally is, but his skills are the biz)

The One That Got Away by Al Parkinson

– have played a gig or two with this young lass, and you know, she’s slightly talented ;-P

Lily & King (song title?)

– saw these guys at Oscar’s Ale House in Belgrave the other night. I was very drunk, but regardless, they were awesome. Playing at the Reverberation Festival (me too).