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June 2010 archive

Loyalty Punchcards for Bands

I have been on holiday and I am now back and faced with a mountain of work so might not have time for posting much for a week or so but here’s two links worth reading:

I especially like the punchcard idea in the first link.

There Is Hope

This sounds like the kind of thing that only a crazy obsessive would write about – so I guess that should be part of the following picture, but anyway:

I was reading some list about the supposedly 100 most creative business people in the world, and about Gary Vaynerchuck and his spot-on-ness about personal branding. And then I thought about myself (as I am so often want to do) and my personal brand, which is of course, Seamus Anthony. And then I thought:

“What does Seamus Anthony stand for?”

And here is the answer that immediately sprang to mind…


Hope that even if you are older than 22, or not the best looking git in the world, or have a weird speaking voice, drink too much, have a track record of failure and lack of focus, aren’t the best guitar player in the world, have a short attention span, aren’t well connected, live in a remote area far, far from all the movers n’ shakers, if your hair is thinning, your waistline is expanding, if you’re too shy, or too loud, or just generally feel like a square peg stuck fast in a horrible, itchy, round hole that you fucking hate – it’s ok – there’s hope. You have value. And if you try your damnedest to work hard, persist and focus, then you might just do well for yourself. Hell – your dreams may actually even come true – why not? Why shouldn’t they? And if they don’t? Well, you can still have a laugh and do what makes you feel better about yourself and this screwed up world we find ourselves flopping around in.

There is Hope. Never give up.