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December 2007 archive

New Tune for You

Well actually, it’s a new mix of an oldie.

I am mucking about with stuff for the new CD. Just when I thought I’d finished it, I have decided that while it may still end up being just be one guitar and one vocal, I may instead choose to embellish …

So here’s a trial mix of Any Passing Guru with “keys”.

If you click the blue arrow you will stay on this page. If you click the text link you will go to Quicktime page.

As you can hear on the recording, I like feedback.

You Are Already Here

Well I have been busy busy finishing up work for the year and planning next year and so I have nothing much to say right now so I am going to post an excerpt from a free e-book that I was just flicking through that is in my opinion very much spot on.

Note: The following is NOT by me, It is by somebody called Jamie Smart, from an e-book called “The Top 10 Secrets of Unconditional Happiness”, which I downloaded free here.

(In my opinion) most of the book is pretty run-of-the-mill, recycled (but useful) stuff, but the following hit the spot for me in a BIG way:

“You are already here.

The place you thought you’d get to once you’d made the changes, achieved the
goals, completed the journey; you’re already here. In fact, you never left. The only
thing that has ever stopped you from experiencing the reality of being here is the
idea that you need to be somewhere else.

The only thing that is (or can) stop you from experiencing the peace and fulfillment
of now is the idea that peace and fulfillment is elsewhere, in something else, a
different experience, further on down the road.

But it isn’t. You’re here, and you always have been. You’re here, and you always will
be. So you can stop struggling, relax, and feel a sense of comfort in the knowledge
that you are already here.

Now you may protest “But I’m not peaceful, happy, fulfilled! I’ve been trying to
achieve peace for years and I’m not there yet!”

You cannot find something where it isn’t. Stop struggling. Stop searching. Accept
yourself exactly as you are. The search is over. Peace / love / fulfillment / joy; these
are at the core of who you are. When you stop trying to find them elsewhere, when
you give up the search, you will start to experience them.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell: When you are searching for peace, you presuppose that
you don‘t have it. What the thinker thinks the prover proves, so your neurology sorts
and filters all your perceptions to prove that you don’t have it. This becomes more
and more familiar over time, and the search continues. It is a search without an end.
Are you willing to give up the search?

You are already here. You never left. You only thought you did. You are whole and
complete. Relax. Let go. Allow yourself to discover who you really are.”

Look for the Gift

I was catching the train to work today when I got embroiled in one of those frustrating no-longer-public-but-rather-privatised transport situations that only the incredibly useless and incompetent Connex can provide 🙂

This meant it took about 45 minutes to get to work instead of fifteen.

At first I was a little annoyed; silently grumbling to myself and rolling my eyes as the circumstances and delays spiralled.

“Look for the Gift” I told myself, as per one of my favourite motivational writers, John McGrath author of the fantastic book, You Inc., but I couldn’t really see one.


… by the time I got to work I realised that I had relaxed and therefore allowed my mind to meander over some important stuff and that now I had some real clarity about the issue.

What that “stuff” was isn’t the point here, the point is that it is often easier to see the Gift inherent to every “bad” situation after the event.