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September 2007 archive

The Quiet Oracle

Please don’t call the men in the white truck just yet, BUT…

…I have lately been listening to voices in my head.

Well, one of them anyway.

I used to ignore them all, taking the line that they were just the thrashings of my ego, and should be ignored in favour of Zen style no-mind, but I have decided that I will listen to this one particular voice as she is a good ‘un, methinks.

Yes, she is female, and quietly spoken and positive, encouraging, wise, non-judgmental. She is the voice of Yin itself. If she is just a figment of my imagination, then so be it, but she is a helpful figment so I’m letting her in to my life.

She is my intuition. Maybe she is Intuition herself.

Seeing as I like to make up names and titles and find yummy word combinations, I have am calling her the Quiet Oracle.

Ooh, and I am learning to read Tarot cards. I believe, or I am choosing to believe anyway, that the Quiet Oracle has suggested (she doesn’t demand, just nudges you and gives you quiet, caring advice) that I should. Here’s what happened: I was goofing off at work searching the internet and wondering whether I should learn more about the I Ching or get into Tarot instead when a package came for me, as in somebody literally dropped a postal package on my desk. In it was a set of Tarot cards and a book, an unsolicited gift from a client who I helped place some advertising in our magazine.

Now if that wasn’t a sign then it was a coincidence I don’t know what a sign looks like.

Oh God, I sound like a New Ager, heaven help me, NOOOOoooo!!!


Anyway, back to work…

Yesterday I Drank Off Milk…

… and survived!

I came into work pretty early and had first a tea (with milk) and then a coffee (with milk). The tea tasted fine, and the coffee just tasted like a too-strong hastily made coffee with no sugar in it (I prefer sugar but try to resist, usually without success).

Then everybody else arrived and a general squawking went up about the milk being well-off. Somebody rushed off to get some more while I tried to tell if if my belly felt in any way worse than usual, and if I was going to have one of those days.

But no belly ache, no hospitalisation, still alive.

So there you go, from now on I am going to taste the milk rather than just look at the due date.

I mean I would smell it, but if you smell perfectly good milk in a container that’s been open for a day or three it always smells off. This is because the milk around the top of the container is actually off, or at least pretty rank smelling when held directly under the nostril.

The way around this is to pour a sample into a clean glass and smell that.

But it is obviously quicker and easier just too have a quick swig from the carton.

I’m sticking with that.