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June 2007 archive

Paris in the Summer Dahhhling

Well, after a huge car crash on the way to the airport in melbourne that left car of the idiot driver whose fault the crash was written off and our truck pretty bashed up itself although thankfully nobody hurt which was amazing and then a few days in Kaula Lumpar which was cool and then a very scary hairy bumpy flight over to Europe via India and dodgy places like afghanistan and little former Russian countries Id never heard of …

…we are well and good here in very sunny until today Paris, checking out ridiculous amounts of tourists as they check out amazing monuments, sipping ultra expensive coffee in cafes and feeling very chick however you spell that and generally enjoying some no brainer time.

best moment so far is a toss up between the eiffel tower, which i was surprisingly impressed by even though i usually dont care about monuments, and maybe being in MontMart because i recognised it from the film Amilie or probably the view from the modern art gallery the name i forget (not the Louvre) or standing up really close to some awseome famous paintings by Picasso and the like.

or maybe it was just going into a Boulanger (sp?) and asking for a baggette in French like Id been doing it all my life 😉

But probably it is the smile on my girls face as she is so happy to be back home where she is from … we could definitely live here, its much nicer than i expected. just need to figure out that money thing, its a bit on the ouch side 😉 ok maybe after the bestselling hit book!

Mon France et ne pas increyable but I am getting better very quickly. I can honestly say that je parle a petite petite petite pu France although no doubt I cant spell it or pronounce all i know properly. actually mon France et epouvontable, lets be honest!

Lumpy Koala

Lumpy Koala, Malaysia, is actually a lot more down and dirty fun than I expected kind of a smaller Bangkok. Wicked thunderstorm today and eating in small roadside wok-joints and endless shopping malls.

Nice to actually be here too after the huge crash we had on route to the airport. Yes a HUGE car crash (L’s Dad was driving but not his fault, not by a long shot). Nobody hurt but the truck dented up pretty bad and the girl’s car TOTALLED. I felt sorry for her even though she f***ed up royally. Amazingly, we powered on and made the flight.

I honestly thought I was going to die right there and then for about .3 of a second.

anyway all good 🙂 onward and upward eh what?!

bye now, off to France on Saturday. Ha!

France and Ireland – Here I come Baby!

Housesitter is in place, tickets in pocket, Europe here we come!

My strategy to solve the world drug problem will have to wait; I am writing it up, got to 6000+ words but I still have about 4000 to go I reckon.

More on that later … but for now I need to go re-re-re-re-check my packing. We leave at midnight tonight!

News Flash! People Actually Buy Stuff From Dodgy-Looking Long Sales Copy Sites

You know the websites I mean; those with the endless sales copy that goes on and on down the page. The websites that look horrible and tacky and cheap.

People actually do buy stuff from these websites. That’s why people bother to put them up in the first place. That’s why they are still there when you check back years later.

This is something that I have learned over the last year.

Prior to that – because I never bought stuff from these websites, I assumed that nobody would be stupid enough to buy stuff from those websites.

But then one day I was looking for specific information and whoa! I found (the promise of) it at one of these websites. And the offer seemed pretty sound when I considered all they had to say.

So I bought it.

Amazed at myself, I started doing some research and found out there is a whole subculture around these long-copy direct sales websites.



Words. Are. Very. Powerful.

How to Solve The Drug Crisis

I am currently building a simple website that will show the world a healthy way to get mind-blowingly high for free.

Those that follow my instructions will never need drugs again yet will be able to get as high as kite any time they want.

I will upload it all in a day or two so come back and check for that.

You can subscribe to this blog of course, the buttons are down to the right (if you need them).

Meanwhile here is some timely writing advice that I just came across.

The Purpose of this Blog is…

My girlfriend and I were huddling around the fire today trying to defrost and otherwise contemplating her swollen belly (baby not gas) and discussing our impending trip to France, Ireland and London (we leave Wednesday) when I asked if her sister in Paris has the ‘net.

“yes, why?”

“Oh you know, so I can check my emails and. you know, … blog … a little.”

“Are you still doing that?”

“Err, yes … I like writing you know …”

“Ok, but I hope that’s not all you want to do on holiday.”

“Of course not darling … ”

She has no idea why I blog, and I was just sitting here thinking about it and I realised that I have been very vague about why I have started this, my fourth blog.

Mind you, not that it matters because nobody much is reading it yet but anyway…

The reason I am writing this blog is because I am freshly starting out (again) on my great adventure to fulfill my life’s purpose. I have recently defined and refined my Life Purpose (I described it all in this article and this article for LivingNow magazine).

If you were to go and read these articles, you would see that I was extremely circumspect about exactly what business i am in. That was because I had just written the article in a big hurry (the editor perversely likes them better that way) and I didn’t want to say something and then change my mind or radically refine my call. But anyway that was a month or two ago now and I am pretty certain that my decision has stuck and will continue to do so. The business I am in (as distinct from my life purpose) is Media Publishing. Not just writing. Not just music. Not just meditation and Zen/Tao stuff. Not just running LivingNow’s website and otherwise doing LivingNow stuff. The business I am in is Media Publishing.

Everything I do revolves around this, and if I feel that I am straying I just need to ask myself is what I am doing about “Media Publishing” and if the answer is yes then I am cool, if it is no I have to draw the line and get back on track.

So that makes running a blog pretty cool.

And now it is time to sell something. I was just sitting here typing all this nazel gazing crap out and I realised I really need to start selling stuff.

But I am going on holiday for five weeks. Bugger.

Ok, so here’s what I am going to do. I have just finished a seven track “collection of songs” (can’t just say CD anymore dammit) and I have a two track project in the mail too. And I am about to start releasing written products for sale. But all of this is going to have to wait until I get back from Europe. So meanwhile…

I am going to do a little marketing exercise. I am going to write and upload to the web one very useful piece of writing. A gift to the world. And I am going to email it everyone I know and otherwise give it a little nudge before I leave and then see if it spreads over the internet and to what extent while I am gone.

Surely if I can come up with one really useful info-gift to the world it will get some eyeballs. Or not? Let’s find out. I can’t lose really, if it does well, then I can get back from my holiday and start selling stuff leveraging off the momentum the ‘gift’ has provided me, if it doesn’t spread, then I can re-package it and acticely sell it in a more pro-active manner.

Ok, I’ll be right back, gotta go write this thang…

go listen to my tunes here

An example of what not to do with those last few final minutes of the office week…

Do you ever get to that point where you know you should just go home?

Where you have been staring at your bloody computer screen for so long that your eyes feel like they are going to fall out of your skull?

That point where there is nothing new left in your RSS reader?

Where even though there are still fifty seven billion things to do on your to do list, you know there’s no way you are going to do that shit now?

That point where you really want to go but you’ve become such a friggin’ couch potato office zucchini that your brain and body only connect via the nerves that control the muscles that are needed to use a computer?

Where you feel like it would be good to kill some time by writing something funny on your blog but nothing funny will come out?

Where the only vaguely humourous story you have to tell is about how the guy in front of you said “lunch” when he meant to say something serious about work because he was really not thinking about serious work stuff at all but rather, lunch, but then when you write that it just seems sad because you know that you’ve just been at work all day instead of being an astronaut or something.

When you are going to dinner and if you don’t leave right now and stop buggering around on the internet waffling meaningless noise to a world that isn’t listening anyway then you’re gonna be late for INDIAN (…. mmmm ….. INDIAN….).


Oh by the way this guy who is a cool musician if I ever heard one, has just finished producing a couple of songs that he recorded me bashing out at our mutual friend Spindickle’s house last year and they are in the post so hopefully I get them before I leave for Europe on Wednesday…

Oh my god … I am leaving for Europe on Wednesday. Last time I did that I ended up stuck in Japan with a mad six and a half foot scottish ex-champion heavyweight boxer called Brian Lynch with nothing to wear but a borrowed suit jacket, an old pair of Thai fishing pants and Jesus sandals, busking for beer money and getting thrown out of faux-Irish pubs for being too loud and rowdy (go figure) … anyway that’s another story …

Listen to my tunes here
ah, go on ya mug, give it whirl …

My Favourite Blog (except for mine!)

I get a kick out of checking out all the wacky business ideas that the author of Uncommon Business Blog unearths for our pleasure. Actually it’s quite addictive, and when there isn’t anything new there when I check, I get pretty low, maybe there is some kind of weird connection between cool business ideas and feel-good chemical reactions in the brain? I reckon I might be, like, onto something there man…

Anyway, three of my favourite posts at this simple little spot of bloggy goodness are:

The Most Incredible Record Company You Never Heard About: a nice little music marketing idea.

How To Invest In Music Bands: Hey send some cash my way man!

The Richest Piano Player You’ve Never Heard About: Ok her style looks pretty lame but you gotta dig her music business nous right?

How To Get High Without Drugs

What if I told you there is a pretty simple, totally free, and thoroughly healthy way to get mind blowingly high everyday?

Well there is. I swear it is true.

But before I tell you how, allow me to ramble on a bit first …

I am pretty open to admitting that I have sampled my fair share of drugs over the years – and why? Because getting high is awesome.

Or at least it sometimes is.

And then sometimes is it not. And the older I (and many people) get the more it is not.

The problem is that drugs actually suck. Half the time they don’t work as well as you’d like and, in my experience at least, there are almost always downsides to the bargain. Like nausea, paranoia (I have never had that problem at least), depression, making an idiot of yourself, “brain fry” (ie. neurological damage), waste of money. And then there are longer term problems like loss of motivation and mental clarity, addiction, and the erosion of health. I could go on and on (but then I’d have to think too hard).

But look everyone knows this right? And when you’re young you don’t really care and when you get a little bit older some of us do start to care. Then some of that group stop or drastically cut down, and others keep going strong to (eventually) devastating consequences.

I have pretty much stopped altogether now. I say “pretty much” to cover myself. I reserve the right to turn around and develop a full blown drug binging lifestyle again at any moment. But it is seriously unlikely that I will.

Even the occasional smoke gets me nowhere these days. None of it really turns me on anymore.

And that sucks. I love getting high.

Well, I have two excellent ways to get high that I use and I am happy to share these with you now.

The first is performing music live in front of an audience. I have never ever experienced a better rush that this, not even when I smoked some heavy new fangled drug that shall remain nameless once a couple of years ago (which was awesome but I was mature enough to know that I would never do it again).

Now I have read that other kinds of performance or activities can give you the same awesome high that I get when I have a rocking gig in front of a receptive crowd. So if jumping off the side of mountains is your thing, or skateboarding, or horse riding or whatever, then just do heaps of that and you’ll never get a bigger kick.

And there’s another way, which is good if you don’t have the kind of passion like the above, and is otherwise good anyway because we can’t always be playing rock god or base jumper, is ….


Last night I spent forty minutes meditating before I went to bed. The last ten minutes of that time I spent watching the roof of my house lift off to reveal a brilliant starry sky, then a brightly coloured UFO came down and then I was suddenly floating on a blue ocean, my head fell back and the sun was shining and warm on my face…

I could go on but let me just point out that this was at about midnight and it was barely above zero degrees outside and we are in the hills miles from the ocean. Get my drift?

So I am not right now going to teach you how to meditate right here and now (later) but let me just assure you that you don’t need to take drugs to get high and that if you have given drugs up, all is not lost, you can still bliss out baby!

Thank God!

Video of Seamus and Pete from Reckoning

Like the way I referred to myself in the third person? I actually kind of hate that, when people rave on about their website business using the royal ‘we’ like there are entire squads of workers when really it’s just one geek in a dark and smelly room selling an e-book. But anyway, what’s that got to do with anything?

So an obviously incredibly cool dude who went to the gig last week posted some video up of the gig. The quality of sound is pretty blah but nevertheless, should you want to, you can see it here:

Pete and Seamus, err, me from Reckoning

and here’s a couple of pretty pics from the evening courtesy the same bloke, who I only know as Knickerbocker Glory. Thanks, err, Nick!



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